Holiday House/Fall 2016

Now that Clayton has proven himself, the president calls on him once again, this time to protect his own son, Kyle, who has been identified as a potential target. Within hours Clayton is a student at the prestigious Sydney Brown School with a new name, new history, new hair, and new eye-color. Join Clayton as he navigates the strange world of politics and intrigue at his new school, all while sticking close to a presidential kid who wants nothing to do with him, and playing for SB’s lacrosse team which is preparing to face-off against his real home team: Masters Academy. 


Holiday House/Fall 2015

When the President calls asking him to help catch a kidnapper, 12-year-old Clayton’s life is hijacked into the family business his grandmother has worked hard to keep him out of—the secret agent business.

In an instant, Clayton’s world has changed. As the mystery of finding and catching the kidnapper escalates, it begins to mean even more than risking Clayton’s life. It means lying to his best friend, putting the lacrosse season in jeopardy, liking the girl he hates, and then risking his life again.

Join Clayton as he races against time to save a senator’s family.

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