Six Feet Below Zero

Holiday House

A dead body. A missing will. An evil relative. The good news is, Great-Grammy has a plan. The bad news is, she’s the dead body.

Caught in a one-of-a-kind version of hide-and-seek, 12-year-old Rosie and her younger brother, Baker, must honor their great-grandmother’s final wishes by pretending she’s still alive until they can find her will and locate their dear Aunt Tilly. Rosie and Baker do their best to follow Great-Grammy’s plan and act as if everything is completely normal, but as their lies get bigger and bigger, so do their problems. And the biggest problem of all? Their wicked grandmother, the horrible Grim Hesper!

SIX FEET BELOW ZERO is a little awful, a lot of fun, and chocked-full of a six-by-three-by-two-and-a-half-foot freezer’s worth of casseroles—and heart. A wacky caper not to be missed!

Teachers and librarians:

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“. . . a nonstop whirl of complications . . . Chucking in a red herring to spice up the frantic search, a budding friendship to add warmth, and even a set of recipes, Jones dishes up a delicious denouement on the way to a resolution rich in just deserts. . . . A delightful, briskly paced caper.” —Kirkus Reviews

” . . . Rosie and Baker are well-developed and likable, and secondary characters and subplots bring an added level of fun to the proceedings. It’s a wild ride brimming with family feeling and adventure in the vein of Lemony Snicket.”—Booklist

“Jones delivers a surprisingly sweet story despite the darkly comedic setup, and readers will relish the suspense . . . Underlying the wacky comedy are more serious messages about different ways of coping with loss and using humor to sort through tough emotions.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Readers will ultimately find humor in the series of unfortunate events Rosie and Baker encounter, and become invested in their determination to continue living in Great Grammy’s house.”School Library Journal

“SIX FEET BELOW ZERO is absolutely a book to make you laugh and cry. Possibly at the same time . . . It’s fantastic . . . part Arsenic and Old Lace and part From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”—The Story Sanctuary

Clayton Stone, At Your Service

Holiday House

When the President calls asking him to help catch a kidnapper, 12-year-old Clayton’s life is hijacked into the family business his grandmother has worked hard to keep him out of—the secret agent business.

In an instant, Clayton’s world has changed. As the mystery of finding and catching the kidnapper escalates, it begins to mean even more than risking Clayton’s life. It means lying to his best friend, putting the lacrosse season in jeopardy, liking the girl he hates, and then risking his life again.

Join Clayton as he races against time to save a senator’s family.

Teachers and librarians:

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“There are plenty of cool gadgets and action-packed predicaments to keep middle-grade readers entertained. However, what really makes this take on the kid-turned-spy story special is that it has a heart.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This book combines family and school drama with Nancy Drew–style precocious sleuthing.” —Booklist

Clayton Stone, Facing Off

Holiday House

Now that Clayton has proven himself, the president calls on him once again, this time to protect his own son, Kyle, who has been identified as a potential target. Within hours Clayton is a student at the prestigious Sydney Brown School with a new name, new history, new hair, and new eye-color. Join Clayton as he navigates the strange world of politics and intrigue at his new school, all while sticking close to a presidential kid who wants nothing to do with him, and playing for SB’s lacrosse team which is preparing to face-off against his real home team: Masters Academy. 

Teachers and librarians:

Download the CLAYTON STONE SERIES DISCUSSION GUIDE, developed according to Common Core State Standards, by Holiday House

“The layered plot and fast-paced action make for a quick read that will be especially appealing to middle-grade boys who might otherwise be reluctant to pick up a book. Politics and espionage combine for a great read.” —Kirkus

“Just in time for this year’s elections: a book of political intrigue, dirty tricks and lacrosse.” —Sally’s Bookshelf